Not Many Of Us Left

by Steady Hands

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All Music and Lyrics by Sean Huber
Additional Music and Lyrics by John Sepa and Eric Muth
All Guitars and Vocals by Sean Huber
Drums on tracks 1, 2, and 4 by Sean Donaghy
Drums on track 5 by John Sepa
Bass on tracks 1 and 3 by George Legatos
Bass on track 2 by Paul Impellizeri
Bass on tracks 4 and 5 by John Sepa
Piano on tracks 1 and 3 by Andrew Kirnan
Percussion on track 3 by George Legatos
Melodica on tracks 1 and 2 by Sean Huber
Slide Guitar on track 4 by Will Lindsay
Additional Guitar on track 5 by Eric Muth

Additional Vocals on track 2 by Brendan Lukens of Modern Baseball
Additional Vocals on track 3 by Lucy Stone of Lucy Stone
Additional Vocals on track 5 by Bobby Joffred of Kill3r Whale

Produced by Eric Muth
Tracks 1-4 Mixed & Mastered by Eric Muth
Track 5 Mixed & Mastered by Max Rauch
Recorded Spring 2012 at Mad Dragon studios in Philadelphia
Additional recording done at Rompit House, Andrew's House, and The ADR Room
Photos by Ashley Smith (

Special Thanks to all the amazing friends/musicians who helped me play my songs. I never could have done this without all your love and support. Additional thanks to Eric Muth, Max Rauch, Paul Impellizeri, Blair Ollendorf, Brandon Bost, Ian Farmer, Jake Ewald, Ashley Smith, The Treehouse, Lee Porter and all of my friends and family.

Please check out all the amazing musicians involved:

W.C. Lindsay
Lucy Stone
Modern Baseball
Kill3r Whale
Wild Rompit
Congenital Death


released July 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Steady Hands Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Folk born in New Jersey, and bred in Philadelphia.

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Track Name: Welcome To Our House Show, Now Please Don't Tag Our Walls
Thank you for coming to my show
There's beer out in the back and cirtainly everyone you know
And I promise I'm not asking you to sing
Just listen to the bands and pick up everything you leave

Everyone have a good good time this weekend
Everyone please come say hello when the show ends
Or when the cops get called
Track Name: Warren
I knew an old man who was so prideful
He had some robberies on his street
so he stayed up all night listening
With a shotgun at his feet
But unfortunately he feel asleep no later then past 2 or 3
And the robber came and he took everything
And he left packing some heat

Never victum to the system
He refused to play the game
Whether he bought or sold or 18 holes
He did it his own way
He defined self made, sell you anything
You'd never get away with this shit these days
The only tragedy is he will never meet
Himself a name sake

I know I've never been a saint
But that old man believed in me
And I'm God-Damned sure
That I'll take this to my grave
And be there in Elegy

I knew a young man was so greatfull
For the life that he had lived
No silver spoon, a one bedroom
He built his business from nothing
He could talk his way out of anything
Don't even know of half of the shit he did
But I guarantee that he was just like
With a smile on his face

He had a wife was oh so lovely
Were the years that they had spent
Side by side in the window light
The latter days were some of the best
Age separates them from each other
They're not dying but they're dead
She would have been the perfect mother
Cause you've been just like a dad
Track Name: Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan, I'm sorry but it's time for you to go
Cause there's no room left here in this house
Yeah and I've traded it for the road
So I'm packing up these boxes and ditching all these clothes
I'm sure that some day this ship will sail back home

Cause memories are pornography
I'll remember you without hoarding all your things
Memories are pornography
Remember who I am and what I did
And then burn all of my shit

I dig through, through all these relics
just to find some sentiment
But all I see is mess
And most of it is shadowed
In my own indifference
So I grabbed all of my friends
And we traveled this great ocean
to try and finally make some sense
But now my bags are heavier than when I left

Now don't go feeling cheated
that the time you spent was fleeting after all
Or you'll get that sinking feeling
that your life was about leaving what you own
But its not that cold, and you're not that old
so take a hold of what's in your soul
Track Name: Perfect Teeth
Well I used to be a famous singer but I nearly drowned
From yelling at unhappy patrons when I came to town
Oh the way I took the stage
And the way I moved the crowd
But now my diaphram is swollen and it barely makes a sound
That was the first time I hit the ground

Well I used to have one million dollars but I lost it all
From betting on unlucky horses, games, and alcohol
Oh the way I used to spend
To think money will bring you friends
But those friends will leave you faster than your pockets grow their holes
That was the last time I hit the floor

Cause it's all old and bored
And the heroes they never soar
but you've been way to far now just to give up anymore
Everything you hoped to be can't live up to the man in me
This is the last time I'll see defeat

Well my father is a dentist but I don't have perfect teeth
And my mother is a waitress at a place that I don't eat
And my brother he is a cop but my record is far from clean
But I'm still such a damn optimist when their aint no point to be
We'll just wait and see
Track Name: Basements
We taught each other how to sing
In the same basements where you used to crash
When you had too much to drink
You're in a place that's not worth leaving?
Well you might as well not be living
Because these homes are only built by stone and brick
It was just another evening
We just drank and watched some TV

You are my oldest friends I still hang out with
Behind the catholic school since we learned we could break into it
And every time I'm home I still drink alone
Until the doorbell rings and I know its Dan and Andrew

You say that nothing is more healing than just a quiet evening
Well you shouldn't drive but we need a place to talk
Cause the last year has been shitty
But it's when you've been through everything is how you learn to make the best of what you got
It was just another evening
Where no one would believe we got away with everything

I swear I'll be there by next year just give me some time
To get over my fears of ending up stuck here
Those basements were mine