The Libertines

by Steady Hands

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AnarchoPunk One of my Top Ten All-Time favorite albums. Excellent writing, excellent music composition and excellent production value. 9.5 out of 10. Favorite track: Song For Rosemary.
Samantha Tiller
Samantha Tiller thumbnail
Samantha Tiller I love this album so much. I can't get enough of it. The sound, the lyrics, all of it is perfect. The only problem is there's only four songs.
Favorite Track: I Swear Like A Sailor
SnapBackEvan thumbnail
SnapBackEvan Such an honest song. Favorite track: Song For Rosemary.
Jamie Mansour
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Jamie Mansour This is great guys, no more cd though =( keep going Favorite track: Song For Rosemary.
Jack Denton
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Jack Denton This is one of the most life-filled albums I have encountered. Filled with pint-in-the-air anthems that beg for entire pub singalongs. Favorite track: Song For Rosemary.
Rosie kerr
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Rosie kerr Steady Hands is Sean from Modern Baseball doing his own thing. It's wonderful and it's how folk/punk should be done. You won't find better than this! Favorite track: The Libertines.
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Well I've grown so tired, Traveling off to distant lands, beg to go further every mile Cause the sea is an awful home and the tide just makes the land seems so much more empty and alone Hold fast and steady this tour has no ending in sight Tell the crew to get ready, they're in for the ride of their lives Holding your arms as I stare into your Dramamine eyes I saw this storm coming, I watched it damn near every night Cause it hurts so much to wake up the way the swallow birds sing All I wanted was a pale blue floor to sleep And I've traveled a thousand miles across this endless empty sea And all I wanted was an angel, she came to me Murder your captain for abandoning this sinking ship In a bedroom with gypsies they capture me with loose, salty lips Apologize cause your apology hold fast and fires I tremble, I shake like a sinner who's standing on trial And every time I drink, I'll watch that old boat sink And I'll send a letter out, another bottle And I'll forget about the torture of that sick, unhealthy sea And I'll scribble down "please maiden, come back to me"
Footsteps 02:50
As a child, my father ran every day of his life From West Orange, NJ through college he was first every time But as worse things go wrong with your health I don't think exercise could have helped As a child, my father ran every day of his life As a child, my father ran every day of my life From his problems, his injuries, his children, and mostly his wife But I love and respect him more Then these shoes on my feet I afford As a child, my father ran every day of my life And I never thought that I would be so lost So I bless these Philly streets for giving me time with my thoughts And I'm hoping, that his footsteps have not gone away with the dust Cause my blood has run here for so long, how the hell can I be so lost? I must have fucked it up As a child, my father ran every day of his life Though his bones have gone weaker, It's barely affected his time And I can't wait for that Sunday morn Where I can beat him like a good boy should As a child, my father ran every day of his life As a child, my father ran
Walk under the lights they glow The river will guide us home Tell stories of history, whiskey fiend boastfully summons the ghost Come join me I am your host For an evening of getting lost Climb into these buildings, abandon my children we've found a new home You can cut out my heart, bury into the ground It will burn these bodies, keep sinking on down Till it reaches the garden and passes through hell And it keeps on still beating through this ancient town Island, my love So now you feel less than whole Resent all that you once loved So tell me why you just keep living this miserable life all alone When you've burned all that you've owned You're left bleeding, empty hole Lets fill up our glasses with absently minding and finding some hope Island, my love My land, I love
I stand with my father, an 800 year old grave And I push past the dirt, see his grandfather's name Some died in The Famine, some died in New York I stand with my father where his grandmother was born I head down to Galway, the city I lost Try and find some of these girls, that inspired these songs And the beggars, and the dealers they were plenty I'm sure But I politely declined all their hangover cures The next morning I woke to the air of the Ire' With my old rusty bike I took down to the water There a cross it stood still a foot or two deep For the first time in my life, I may have actually believed So to Westy, Jim Lockey, The Starters, and Stu You gave punk rock so punk rock I gave you To girls down at Lockdown, I toast you every night Hope you're making me proud keeping this scene alive If you ever make it to the new eastern coast I'll be there to greet you, my home is your home Cause you made me the happiest I've ever been Without you I'm limbless, I've got no Steady There's a Libertine in Dublin, she's captured my soul If I can't have her, I'd rather be alone If you're ever stumbling down old Blackwood Road Tell her I'll be back soon, cause I'm bringing her home


2nd EP from Steady Hands available via Lame-O Records!


released February 23, 2013

Lyrics by Sean Huber
Music by Steady Hands

Acoustic and Vocals by Sean Huber
Electric Guitar by Jake Ewald
Bass by Paul Impellizeri
Piano by Andrew Kirnan
Drums by John Sepa
Saxophone by Issac Louis
Additional instrumentation by Brandon Bost

Produced and Engineered by Brandon Bost
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe at Maniac Mansion



all rights reserved



Steady Hands Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Truth In Comedy out October 19th via Lame-O Records!

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